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Palmyra Area Church Volleyball League


Mission Statement: To compete athletically and to enjoy the fellowship and good sportsmanship of Christians in the community while giving praise and glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

A) Each team must designate a captain. That person's name, number and address must be submitted to the league president so that an emergency phone chain can be made. A back-up contact person should also be submitted.
B) Each team is required to pay an entrance fee prior to the start of each season. The Fee is determined at the pre-season meeting.
C) Each player must be 14 years old prior to the beginning of each season.
D) All players are REQUESTED and HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to attend a minimum of 3 services per month at the church they represent. Each team member must be a member of the sponsoring Palmyra area church unless otherwise approved by league executives. However, in order to promote inviting and retaining individuals as members of the sponsoring Palmyra area church or a church affiliated therewith in the Lebanon/Lancaster/Dauphin County areas, each team may roster two (2) individuals who belong to an affiliated church. No more than one (1) such individual my play at any time during each game.
E) All players are responsible for maintaining a Christian attitude at all times. Unsportsmanlike conduct WILL NOT be condoned. The team captain shall control such conduct. Furthermore, all facilities used by the league shall be alcohol, tobacco, and drug free. If any player is concerned abut the conduct of the other team or the presence of alcohol, tobacco or drugs at the facilities by players or spectators, he or she shall report same to his or her team captain who shall advise the head referee in a conference with the opposing team captain. If the conduct or presence of prohibited substances continues, the challenging team captain shall again notify the referee and the offending opposing team member or spectator shall be benched or removed from the facilities, as appropriate.
F) Preliminary Rosters and Liability Insurance statements (from Church insurer) must be submitted in a timely manner to the designated league coordinator. Any team not complying with same shall be ineligible for play and shall forfeit any scheduled games until submitted. (Names and addresses for insurance forms can be found at the bottom the last page).

A) A maximum of 6 and a minimum of 5 players must be present to play each game. If the opposing team approves, then a team may play with 4 players, which must include 1 female and a designated setter. In the event that both teams have insufficient numbers to field a team, then losses will be tabulated in the league's official standings for both teams. No make-up games will be allowed--the exception of the league being canceled due to weather related conditions. A team has 5 minutes after the starting time of the match to produce sufficient numbers to field a team. If after that 5 minutes have passed and there aren't enough players, that team loses the first game of the match. If after 10 minutes have passed and still not enough players, then that team forfeits the whole match and receives three losses.
B) A minimum of 2 female players must be present and playing in each game. If there are insufficient numbers, you may designate a male to be the "designated setter ." This means the "designated setter" may not leave feet to block or strike or pass the ball from above the top of the net with an overhand swing.
C) All players (other than the server) must be inside their respective playing area when the ball is being served, with each of the 3 front players forward of their respective back players. After a ball is served, then all players may move from their respective positions. A back line player forward of the 10-foot line must return the ball from a position below the top of the net.

A) The right back player shall be the first server for his/ her team. The rotation shall be in a clockwise motion with the right front player moving to the right back position to become the next server.
B) The team to serve second must rotate one position before they can serve.
C) The server must serve the ball from within the entire length of the end line. The server must serve the ball in such a manner that it carries over the net, but falls within the boundaries of the opponent's court. Served balls to the opposition striking any portion of the court lines are considered inside the court. A service foot fault occurs when the server crosses the end line before he/she strikes the ball. A foot fault is considered a loss of serve.

A) Each match shall consist of 3 games to 15 points each. The league standings will be based on the number of games won. The winning team must score 15 points and have a 2 point advantage. Each game will be capped to a maximum of 17 points. It is not necessary to have a 2-point advantage if the winning team reaches the cap of 17 points. The 3-game playing time is 50 minutes. The third game will be started and played in the same manner as the first two, regardless of how much time is remaining for the match. Whichever team is leading when the 50 minutes are up is declared the winner of their third game.
B) For the first game of each match, the referee shall toss a coin and one of the captains calls heads or tails. The winner of the toss chooses serve of preferred playing side, and prayer. Teams shall change playing areas at the end of each game. The team that didn't serve first serves in the next game.
C) Before each serve, the referee shall blow his/her whistle. Serves without a whistle shall be played over. After one serve without a whistle, the team receives a warning. Subsequent serves without a whistle are considered a fault injury.
D) Each team is allowed 2 time-outs per game. These shall be 30 seconds in length and can be called by either team during a dead ball. No time-outs can be called during the last 10 minutes of the 50-minute playing time, unless it is for an injury.

A) Referees should use discretion on calls dependent up the level of play so that teams who are learning the game get a chance to play.
B) Team captains only are permitted to talk to the referees. They can only question rule's interpretation and the judgment of the referees. If a player who is not a captain approaches and questions a referee, that referee issues one warning to that player. If the same player does it again, the referee has the right to remove the offending player from the rest of the game(s) until the player has removed him/herself. If play remains suspended until the time limit is up, then the team with the offending player forfeits all games for that match. If a player's conduct is not appropriate during a game, the head referee for that match has the right to recommend a suspension to the league executives. It will be the league executives only who hand out suspensions. They will determine the length of the suspension based on information given of the incident and the player in question. If a player receives a suspension, that player may not return to the gym until the suspension is fully served.

A) The net height should be 7 feet 11-3/4 inches high.
B) The court dimensions should be 30 feet by 60 feet ( 30 feet by 30 feet on each side of the net).
C) Appropriate shoes must be worn on the court. Street shoes and hard-soled shoes are not allowed. D) Players are asked to dress modestly. All jewelry must be removed prior to playing. Jewelry to be removed would include watches, necklaces, rings, large earrings, and beepers. Banded style rings (wedding rings) are an exception.

A) Incorporated herein are any rules stated at the bottom of the season schedule.
B) Otherwise, games are to be governed by the rues of fair play, and in the event the matter cannot be resolved by the published league rules or the rules of fair play, USVBA rules shall apply.
C) Recording Scores--Team captain from winning team is responsible for entering scores from their game. Each team captain will be given a password and user ID to log scores on a league website.
D) It was decided at the 2007 captains' meeting that the playoffs will consist of the top 8 teams. In the event of a tie, the tiebreaker will be decided upon head to head competition during the regular season. Playoffs will be held Week 15--preliminary round on Monday and the final four/ championship on Tuesday. The coordinators who participated in the 2007 meeting expressed that they enjoyed last season's 3 on 3 tournament and would like to see that continue. Therefore, if the gym is not being used Week 14 for snow make-up, we will again play a 3 on 3 tournament. The tournament is just for fun and has no bearing on league standings. However, all league and gymnasium rules will apply unless otherwise stated.