Friends of Palmyra Rec

Friends of Palmyra Area Rec & Park Commission


The FRIENDS of Palmyra Area Recreation and Parks Commission is a non-profit volunteer citizen's group organized to support the Palmyra Borough, North Londonderry and South Londonderry Townships' recreation facilities and programs.  The FRIENDS organization raises funds through memberships, donations, and various programs in order to help develop Recreation and Parks resources beyond what is provided in the annual budgets. A further objective is to work at any goal that improves or beautifies the community. The FRIENDS organization believes a difference can be made in the community through volunteerism, cooperation, and enthusiasm that local citizens can provide. The Borough and Township areas are a great place for individuals and families to live, work, and raise children. Through your help and donations/membership to the FRIENDS organization, we can make our communities a more enjoyable place to live.

The FRIENDS are always looking for more volunteers to help plan various community events.  If interested in volunteering, please contact Ann Donnelly (717.838.4505) or Chad Bell (717.838.4447).


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